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Dominic J. Leon

Hi! My name’s Dominic J. Leon. I am a golfer with a deep passion for golf right from my childhood. I am very interested in tournament play and try to participate in any local golf events happening around. My love for golf has driven me to pursue the game professionally. This interest was born and developed gradually after watching and enjoying many golf games that my father played on different golf courses.

It all started when my father showed me his set of golf clubs of which 14 were irons and wedges when I was about 10 years old. He explained to me the various irons and the difference between irons and woods. (By the way, an iron with a higher loft compared to numbered irons is known as wedges). I used to accompany most of his weekend golf rounds and got quite fascinated with the world of golf.

My Qualification

I was quite impressed by the wonderful spread of greens on the golf course, some people moving around with their caddies and sets of golf clubs, and some people going around in golf carts. With all the fancy golf terms like nine irons, clubs, tee shots, putter, wedges, woods, hazards, and fascinating golf devices like the funky GPS watches, laser range finders, and so on, I got thoroughly hooked to the game.

On a misty magical morning, I actually hit a great shot with a nine iron in the Rustic Canyon golf course in Moorpark. From then on, there was no turning back for me. Though my friends were hooked to different games like baseball, hockey, and other games, I dove into golf with all my heart. Rustic Canyon has the best aeration done to its beautiful courses and the weather is awesome. The famous Rustic burger is one of my favorite foods after a round of golf on the Rustic Canyon golf course.

Though my current handicap is far from my personal target of single digits yet, with my constant practice, I hope to improve the handicap and reach my goal very soon. I have always been exploring the arena and gathering more information and tips for playing a great round of golf. I have been learning and blogging about the experiences I have learned from professional golfers.

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UBERGOLFNET is a website about unbiased product reviews for all the latest golf equipment from the market leaders like GPS golf devices, Laser rangefinders, GPS watches, and other such golf essentials for you to learn about the products and help you make an informed choice about the golf devices. Keep checking back the website to learn more about the latest tips and reviews in the golf world, we keep adding new reviews and tips regularly.

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