Best Golf Cart Batteries

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The best golf cart batteries trade-off cycle life, range, maintenance cost, and capacity wisely. Our top 5 picks are acing the charging game. We have also reviewed the best battery chargers to go with these batteries.

What’s Best Golf Cart Batteries and Charger in 2023?

  1. Lot of 6 Trojan T-105 6V Golf cart batteries
  2. Lot of 6 Trojan T-875 8V Golf cart batteries
  3. Amstron GC2 6V AGM Golf Cart, Marine, RV Battery
  4. Stanley GBCPRO Golf Cart & Vehicle Battery Charger
  5. 48volt 17amp Golf Cart Battery Charger with EZ-Go RXV connector
  6. GolfForLess® New 36 Volt Golf Cart Battery Charger 36v Ezgo Club Car Ds Yamaha Ez Go TXT Star Crowsfoot Plug
  7. 48volt 15amp Golf Cart Power Supply charger with Club car 3-pin round connector
  8. DPI 36volt 18 Amp Golf Cart Battery Charger with Crowfoot Connector

How to choose the Best Golf Cart Batteries?

There a many brands offering power-packed batteries. We picked five best golf cart batteries based on the following constraints:

  • Cycle life: It’s not just battery performance. Your batteries must last. The best golf cart batteries have high cycle life reaching up to even 750 complete cycles of charging and discharging. It’s better not to discharge them below 45% of their total capacity. They will lose their battery life with deep discharging.
  • Low Maintenance: If you are using Flooded lead-acid batteries, you might have to pour distilled water through their fill-caps at least once a month. The water level slowly degrades over time. Some low-maintenance batteries do not have these fill-caps and do not need water maintenance.
  • Budget: Golf cart batteries are not cheap. They can rake up the bill especially when you might need 4 or 6 of them. The best golf cart batteries walk a tight balance between cost and cycle life. They are performance-oriented within the constraints of their budget.

Note: Do not leave your batteries down by the dumpster when they die. These have Lead and sulphuric acid, a toxic combination if the battery leaks.

Take them to an auto parts retailer who recycles them. A simple web search will help you find them. These retailers salvage the lead and the plastic and send them to be reprocessed for new products.

Reviews of 6 Golf Cart Batteries & Charges

#1: Lot of 6 Trojan T-105 6V Golf cart batteries

Lot of 6 Trojan T-105 6V Golf cart batteries

The trojan is perhaps the most well-known name when it comes to golf cart batteries. Their flooded lead-acid batteries are known to have some of the best cycles of life. This means you will be spending less on batteries every few years.

Features & Benefit :

The T-105 golf cart batteries are 6V specimens. These have a conservative size measuring 10.3” x 7.1” x 10.8”.

Their capacity at the 20-hour rate is 225 AH. But these specs are modest. In reality, the figure is closer to 240AH. The battery temp remains normal at room temperature when connected to the load.

The T-105 is made to last for at least 10 years. You will get 750-800 full charge cycles on them. They are best charged by one of the smart chargers in our best golf cart battery chargers list below.

This golf cart battery is cheaply available at local dealers. If maintained at proper charge levels, it will sustain its battery life.It uses L-Post terminals to connect to the wires and that’s solves heating and charge-waste problems.

At 62 pounds it weighs less compared to other 6V batteries.

  • About 750 cycle life
  • High capacity
  • L-post terminals
  • Reasonable size and price
  • None

#2: Lot of 6 Trojan T-875 8V Golf cart batteries

Lot of 6 Trojan T-875 8V Golf cart batteries

Trojan batteries are known to offer the best performance in the market. They are the most reliable of the lot. They are also more expensive than the next best option. A lot of battery performance depends on the size of the lead plates. And Trojan batteries win here.

Features & Benefit :

The Trojan T-875 8V golf cart batteries are being sold as a lot of 6. It makes practical sense to have 6 8V batteries to create a 48V setup for your golf cart.

These offer 170 AH at 20 hours rating. Each battery weighs 63 pounds. It is 10.21 inches long, 7.06 inches wide, and 11.14 inches high.

In fact, if you are stuck with unused dead T-875 golf cart batteries, there’s a chance you can resurrect them with equalizing charges. You can also treat them with a battery desulfator and revive them in some cases.

These 8V batteries are excellent for use in golf carts. They don’t have L-type terminals that T125 has. The cycle life is closer to 650 cycles than 750 cycles of T-125.

  • Ready set of 6 batteries
  • High cycle life
  • Good capacity
  • Reasonable size and weight
  • Expensive

#3: Amstron GC2 6V AGM Golf Cart, Marine, RV Battery

Amstron GC2 6V AGM Golf Cart

Amstron GC2 6V golf cart battery is an Absorbent Glass Mat(AGM) battery. This is different from the flooded lead-acid batteries. It uses a glass mat to hold the electrolyte. With low maintenance and affordable price, this battery is a sound investment.

Features & Benefit :

The Amstron GC2 golf cart battery is a 6V product. It measures 10.2” x 7.1” x 10.8” in all directions. It clocks 68 pounds on the scale. It is less likely to spill when disintegrated as compared to the flooded lead-acid batteries.

The heat generation is relatively low. The cycle life of the battery is decent. The great news is that this battery is maintenance-free. There’s no need to pour distilled water over the batteries every month.

This AGM battery can be used in golf carts, boats, solar applications, and sweeper machines. This golf cart battery is an excellent option to shore up power. This is a sealed container. It can be put under the engine bay without any damage.

  • Affordable
  • Low-maintenance, no need to pour water
  • Less spilling and heat generation
  • Multi-Purpose battery
  • Low depth of discharge for optimal performance

#4: Stanley GBCPRO Golf Cart & Vehicle Battery Charger

Stanley GBCPRO Golf Cart & Vehicle Battery Charger

Stanley GBCPRO golf cart battery charger is a multi-vehicle charger. Versatility is second nature to it. It can charge all types of common golf cart batteries: 6V, 24V, 12V, 36V and 48V. It is small and highly portable. All it needs is a continuous power source.

Features & Benefit :

This golf cart battery charger comes with a number of connecting options. These include round cart connector, rectangular cart connector, universal O-rings, and standard battery clamps(only for 6-24V).

It can automatically detect the voltage capacity of the connected battery or cart. Based on this, it selects the correct amps that are best for battery cycle life and charge speed.

It has an LCD digital display that shows the detected voltage reading. It also tells you the status of charging.

It has a QuickStart Timer which automatically starts a count-down to show when the charging will be over. Its leads are reverse polarity protected, so they don’t emit sparks.

The Stanley GBCPRO golf cart battery is coated for protection against moisture. It starts fast charging the batteries initially and then gradually declines the supplied current as the charging cycle nears its end. This is instrumental in maintaining good battery life.

  • A multivehicle fast charger for 6V, 12V, 24V, 36V, 48V
  • Automatic voltage detection and charging
  • Fast charging ramped down as it approaches 100% charge
  • Supplied with multiple connectors
  • Reverse battery protection
  • Moisture-resistant, works in sub-zero temp
  • Reasonable price and portable
  • No 8V charging
  • Voltage cannot be set automatically if the detection system fails

#5: 48volt 17amp Golf Cart Battery Charger with EZ-Go RXV connector

48volt 17amp Golf Cart Battery Charger

A dead EZ-Go charger is a valid cause for panic. The Accusense 48V golf cart battery charger is cost-effective and efficient at charging. It’s plastic/steel construction leaves no owner in doubt about its capability.

Features & Benefit :

This golf cart battery charger is a 48V charger. It is specially designed for the EZ GO RXV cart.

It uses a DPIEZ-Go connector to charge the vehicle.

It has an intelligent algorithm to charge batteries of different brands. Both the cords from the power supply and the one to the cart are 9 feet long for easy reach. Its face has multiple LEDs to indicate the charging status and power status from the AC source.

The LED indicators are explained on the face itself, so you can always keep track of what they mean.

The Accusense golf cart battery charger has reverse battery protection against sparking. It supports the Battery Tender feature. It automatically cuts the charging once the battery is fully charged. And if it’s connected, it monitors the batteries to make sure they stay at 100%.

It also has a long-term storage feature that will power it down for 28 days. This helps it maintain its performance overwinters.

  • A reasonable alternative to EZ GO OEM charger
  • Long power and charging cable
  • LEDs for indicating power and detection
  • Reverse battery protection
  • Automatic power cut after charging
  • Battery hibernation
  • Heavy

#6: GolfForLess® New 36 Volt Golf Cart Battery Charger 36v Ezgo Club Car Ds Yamaha Ez Go TXT Star Crowsfoot Plug

GolfForLess® New 36 Volt Golf Cart Battery Charger

GolfForLess lives up to its name. It brings a 36V golf cart battery charger at a highly affordable price. It’s a bit sloppy in its pace of charging. But the investment is well worth it. The design is quite basic and loaded with some status LED indicators.

Features & Benefit :

This golf cart battery charger has two very long cables. The charging cable ends in a Powerwise “D” style connector plug.

The charging takes a little more than 6 hours. This is a 5 amp charger. The speed of charging is enough to get the batteries charged overnight.

Once the batteries are charged, GolfForLess goes into a trickle charging mode. The fully charged batteries are monitored for no-load self-discharge. And they are supplied with a trickle current to keep a 100% charge status. This keeps the battery in top condition, especially when you are leaving them on the shelf for the off-golf season.

The GolfForLess 36V golf cart battery charger is highly portable. Its size is convenient and it will be excellent as a backup charger.

  • Affordable
  • Portable
  • Overnight charging
  • Trickle charging to maintain battery life
  • The only moderate pace of charging

#7: 48volt 15amp Golf Cart Power Supply charger with Club car 3-pin round connector

48volt 15amp Golf Cart Power Supply charger

We have already learned that Accusense helps you make a smart investment. So we checked out their other products. This 48V 15 amp golf cart battery charger is specifically designed for carts with functioning onboard controller.

Features & Benefit :

This golf cart battery charger is to replace Lestronic power drive chargers. Even for carts with their onboard circuitry is bypassed, this particular model is not functional.

The cabinet has the same plastic and steel build as the other Accusense charger we covered here. It has two 9 feet cables coming out of it: once for power supply and one for charging the cart. The latter ends in a club car 3-pin round connector. As with the 48V 17amp charger, this is made in the USA. This 15amp charger can be left on all the time.

Once it charges the battery, it enters the maintenance mode. If the charge drops below 100%, it will charge it to maintain full charge. This is useful during winters when you have to leave the cart off-course for a long time. The batteries remain fresh this way.

Installation and use are very-customer-oriented. It’s a plug-and-charge device, no extra steps.
If you plan to leave this golf cart battery charger connected for long periods of time, then use a surge protector.

  • Sturdy construction and fast charging
  • Winter maintenance of batteries at 100% charge
  • Long cords
  • Easy to use
  • Only for carts with functional onboard controllers

#8: DPI 36volt 18 Amp Golf Cart Battery Charger with Crowfoot Connector

DPI 36volt 18 Amp Golf Cart Battery Charger

Accusense has the gold standard with the golf cart battery charger. The familiar plastic/steel construction encloses a 36V battery charger. These are for the golf carts that run on 36V batteries. This one is made in the USA as well.

Features & Benefit :

This golf cart battery charger has a 9-foot charging cord ending in a crowfoot 2-pin blade connector. It is also equipped with the algorithm which allows it to charge any lead-acid 36V setup of any brand.

The input AC cord is 9Foot long as well. The front face of the device has status LEDs. These are difficult to discern in bright light.

This is an excellent source for winterization purposes. It charges the batteries 100 percent. If left connected it will constantly monitor the charge and will not let it fall under 100 percent. This is useful when you shelve the golf cart for winter. The voltage maintenance contributes to better battery life.

The construction is good enough to bear the winter cold.

The Accusense 36V 18amp golf cart battery charger has a test cycle. If both batteries aren’t discharged at the same level, it doesn’t charge them. It is quite an affordable option to the OEM chargers.

It has reverse battery protection against sparks.

  • LEDs for indicating power and detection
  • Reverse battery protection
  • Automatic power cut after charging
  • Battery charge maintenance for winter
  • Long power and charging cable
  • The status LEDs are hard to read in daylight

Golf Cart Battery Terms?

When you are out shopping for the best golf cart battery, knowledge of a few terms and their impact will come in handy:

  • Voltage: You must be aware of the voltage requirements of your golf cart. Usually, the drive system of the golf cart will be rated at 36V or 48V. You can use a combination of 6V, 8V, and 12V batteries to reach this figure. This calculation will depend on the space in your battery section and your budget.
  • Deep-cycle battery: Deep-cycle battery is a fancy name for lead-acid batteries. These are the ones used in golf carts. These usually discharge to up to 75% of their capacity as opposed to Starter batteries that give out only shorts bursts of power. The latter is used in cars for cranking the engine.
  • Cycle life: Cycle life of a battery tells you how many times the battery can be charged or discharged after which it refuses to charge. This counts the number of complete charge/discharge cycles. After the cycle life, the battery does not charge to its full capacity and underperforms, thus raising operating costs.
  • Battery Capacity: Battery capacity is an indicator of how much energy it stores. A 251Ah battery @10h will lend 2.51 amps of current at a suitable voltage for 10 hours.

8V Battery vs 6V Battery?

Each has its own advantages and disadvantages. For a golf cart, you would need a series of batteries. Space and weight become a problem here. The 8V batteries are lighter than the 6V ones. They can also serve as a quick fix if you need to replace a 6V battery somewhere.

On the other hand, the 6V battery systems are more robust. The electrode plates of these golf batteries are heavier and have a better cycle life than that of the 8V batteries. You will need more of 6V batteries in series to reach the 36V or 48V requirement.

Is fast-charging good for Golf Cart?

Fast charging batteries have evolved quite a bit. They also charge smart now. The key problem with fast charging is hitting a point where the batteries are too hot to handle. However, these days most fast chargers have a heat sensor. They charge your golf cart batteries at high capacity and break off when they get too hot. Once the temperature resettles, they again start charging hard.

Fast charging helps the batteries stay healthy by removing sulfur deposits from the electrodes. Fast chargers are compatible with voltages of multiple vehicles. So you can use the same charger to power a 36V or a 48V vehicle. It is worth putting this in the suggestion box of your golf club which is likely maintaining a fleet of golf carts.

Bottom Line

The best golf cart batteries can set your cart racing. This comprehensive buying guide will help you select the right batteries and battery chargers to keep them ramped up.

The Trojan T-105 golf cart battery has the best cycle of life in the industry. They have a higher mass fraction of lead in their batteries. Once hibernated, this has a fighting chance of being revived.

The Stanley GBCPRO golf cart battery charger is a versatile device for 6V, 12V, 24V, 36V, and 48V batteries. Automatic voltage detection does half your work for you. This is a smart and fast charger. It is surprisingly affordable in spite of multiple connectors.

Together with the T-105 golf cart battery, it makes a winning combination of best golf cart batteries and charges.


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