Callaway Golf GPSy Reviews

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This Callaway Golf GPSy review dwells into this extremely accurate and affordable watch. Its particular set of features satisfies both tech-savvy and tech-novice golfers. It’s one of our best golf GPS watches for the year.

Callaway GPSy Golf GPS Watch Reviews

We found the feature set of Callaway Golf GPSy watches very interesting. It has executed the basic functions to be easy and accurate. But you have access to a wider range of features like scoring with fewer button presses. It is not cluttered by the more advanced features of Garmin S6. Here’s what our tests found:

Callaway GPSy Golf GPS Watch

– Body:

Although slightly clunky, you can easily get used to the design of GPSy. It runs 10 inches long and 1.5 inches wide. It weighs only 2.24 ounces. We expected it to be heavy but it never impeded our swing. You can wear it and forget it’s there. The strap has a horizontal pattern which gives it a nice rugged look. The watch band will fit wrists of all sizes. This is a water-resistant watch and can take water splashes. It shouldn’t be submerged in water though.

– Dial:

This golf GPS watch has a 1.28” screen. While it’s large enough, we think it could have utilized more space on the watch face. There are three navigation buttons on the right edge and a power button on the left. There are magnetic dots on the side for charging.

– Display:

The display is negative with white characters on a black screen. It’s sunlight-readable at all light levels. This is not a touchscreen device like Garmin S6.​

– Options:

The Callaway Golf GPSy is available in two colors: All black and a white/neon green combination. Both are good-looking standalone. However, they may look huge on petite wrists.​

– Charger:

This golf watch comes with a magnetic charging dock. It magnetically attaches to the four dots on the left side of the watch.​

– Yardages:

GPSy displays yardages in a very appealing format. On the top right corner, you have the distance to the center of the greens in a large font. In the middle line, to the left, you have a small schematic of the greens with the hole position. The distance to the front and back of the greens is in a smaller font next to it. The bottom line shows battery status and time. The top left corner shows the par information and hole number.

Callaway Golf GPSy

– Hazard distances:

The Callaway GPSy watch tells hazards and dogleg distances also. On this screen, you have small graphics of the hazard type on the left side and distances on the right. A feature we really appreciate is that it gives both layups and carry distances to the back of the hazards. This is rarely incorporated in affordable golf GPS watches which focus only on layup distances.

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– Scoring:

The GPSy golf GPS watch has score tracking functions. The scorekeeping function tracks the score, Greens In Regulation and Putts per Round. There’s a simple statistics tracking screen as well. For those who want simplistic scoring function, this is both intuitive and enough. Cramming advanced scoring functions makes the whole feature buggy, in our experience.

Automatic functions

– Shot Distance:

In the Shot distance mode, you can measure and save the shot distances for each swing. Knowing this will help select the right club for future shots.

– Automatic functions:

When switched on and navigate to the Golf mode, the GPSy golf GPS watch takes a minute to lock into the satellites and display a list of recognized courses nearby. You can select the one you are playing. It also advances through holes automatically. So you can pretty much play hands-free and still get all the basic yardages.

– Accuracy:

The GPSy impressed up with its accuracy. It was always 1 yard within the distances recorded by our Bushnell laser rangefinder. More importantly, the distances were consistently correct. The satellites remained connected after they were first located.

– Course coverage:

This Callaway golf GPS watch comes preloaded with 30,000 courses worldwide. There’s no subscription fee for updating course information. So the initial buying price is the total cost of ownership.

– Battery:

The GPSy averages 10 hours of battery life in a single charge in Golf Mode. If you only use it for viewing time, it will last up to 90 days on Time Mode.

– Miscellaneous:

The Callaway GPSy Golf GPS watch packs an odometer which provides you with the distance you walked. It’s an easy method of tracking your activity while golfing. It shows time in both analog and digital modes, unlike most Golf watches which go only digital. Time and date are set automatically when it received signals from the satellite. This watch doesn’t connect to smartphones or show notifications. It’s not Bluetooth-enabled.​


1. Where can I find the Callaway GPSy Watch course list?

The list of all the courses available in Callaway Distance Measuring Devices Database is available at The list is not presented well but it’s functional.​

2. Where I find Callaway GPSy Watch manual?

The user manual and update tools of all the Callaway rangefinder devices can be found at Updates can only be done on Windows PC.

3. How can I update Callaway GPSy Watch?

Some functions like scoring might not be immediately available on the menu. You can contact the Callaway customer support. They send you the link and instructions to update the firmware and achieve the function.


The Callaway GPSy golf GPS watch is a solid investment. It provides the most relevant features along with some leeway for scoring and statistics. Izzo, the OEM, has focused on executing the basic functions well so that they add real value to the product. It is also the best golf watches in this price range. The consistent display of actual yardages and a strong connection to GPS made it invaluable to our game.

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