Garmin Approach G30 Golf Handheld GPS Reviews

Garmin Approach G30 golf GPS handheld has some clear advantages over the GPS watches and clip-on units. A good handheld device plays to these strengths and compensates for the trouble of carrying a non-wearable device.

So we plunged right into a deeper inspection.

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Design & Features of Garmin Approach G30 Golf GPS Handhelds Reviews

The Garmin Approach G30 golf GPS handheld has a number of notable features and a brand new design.

A. Design:


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The screen of Garmin G30 measures 2.3 inches diagonally and 1.4” x 1.85” in length and breadth. All the operations are controlled by the Transreflective TFT color screen.

The screen resolution is 200x265. It is large enough to operate with gloves on. It’s readable in sunlight as well.

The G30 has a colored screen of white against black which might be nominally difficult to peer into.


The Garmin G30 has only one button, the power button at the top of the device. Rest all the functions are controlled by the touchscreen.

As soon as you open up, you get a Play option. Once you click on that, it automatically searches for the nearest golf course. 

Otherwise, you can manually type in the course name and search for it.


This golf GPS handheld is IPX7-rated waterproof. Which means it can remain under up to 1m water for 30 minutes without damage.

We wouldn’t take it for an underwater dive though.

B. Features:

- Green Views:

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In the Green View, you get a graphic representation of the current greens. You also have a dynamic Green View which gives you the Greens representation and your angle of approach.


The default Hole View has a representation of the Greens with red, white and blue arcs showing 100, 150 and 200 yards layups to the green.

Your hole number and par information along with distances are on the top corners of the screen. You can click on the top right corner to have distances to front, center, and back of the greens displayed in large figures.

Pin Position:


You can touch any point on the display of Garmin G30 and get yardages to that point. This is an important feature that helps you strategize during the game. G10 does not have this facility.



The hazard, layup and dogleg distances are mapped on the course maps of Garmin G30. Tap on the hazard or dogleg and immediately find distances to them.

Layup distances are provided for 250, 200, 150 and 100-yard markers. You can also save the locations of unmarked hazards, if any, for future games.



The Garmin G30 golf GPS has a digital scorecard for up to 4 players. You can even choose between scoring options of Stroke play, Matchplay, Stableford and Skins.

It can remember the scores of up to last 10 rounds and display the total score. This synchronizes to your Garmin Connect app through Bluetooth.

Stat Tracking:

You can view the saved rounds, shots and player statistics on the Garmin G30 GPS itself.

You can connect to Garmin Connect and view this on another device later through a USB connection. Insights into your game help you understand how you have improved.

Smart Notifications:


You can stay connected on the move with Bluetooth notifications from your phone. The screen allows you to read the full text of the messages.

You can receive alerts, emails, texts all on your G30 screen but cannot reply to them from the device.



The Garmin G30 golf GPS can connect to their TruSwing golf swing analyzer. It measures swing tempo, swing speed, maps club path, shaft angle and shaft lean etc. Tech-savvy golfers will learn quite a bit from this deluge of information.

Shot Distances:

The Garmin G30 golf GPS will measure the distance of your shots so that you can map the club capabilities. It does not make club recommendations like Garmin G8 though.

Big Number Mode:

Whatever the limitations of size are on pictorial representations, the Garmin G30 shows the distances in large font in the Big Numbers mode.


In spite of the large screen, the Garmin G30 golf GPS lasts 15 hours per charge. There’s a USB cable which connects to the back of the unit for charging.


The yardages are accurate within 1-3 yards of the actual distance.

Garmin Approach G30 manual

Garmin Approach G30 golf GPS tries to bring a host of advanced features into the fold of a compact unit. The upside is it's more portable and handy for the golfers with perfect vision. On the downside, you compromise with the clarity and detailing of the graphical representations. But it’s still a larger screen than the golf GPS watches. The colorful maps are helpful only to golfers who really use them.

Garmin Approach G30 Manual

The touchscreen controls are very responsive except in the case of manual pin positioning. Here your finger blocks the area where you want to place the flag. Navigation to other options is intuitive. The rubber bezel on the edges of the screen and the patterned back cover ensure it remains slip-free in your hands. The bezel prevents the screen from scuffing during falls. If you need a full manual, please refer to here:​

The GPS satellites lock in fast and immediately pick from 40,000+ courses. To see how it competes with the best golf GPS and handhelds.

Garmin Approach G30 vs. Garmin G6?

This is a smaller handheld than both Garmin G6 and G8 so it’s easier to carry. The display and design go with the newer preferences of the golfers.

The TruSwing-compatible Garmin Approach G30 is a complete distance-measuring and golf analysis unit. It can go way beyond the basic functionality of a golf GPS watch and help you improve your game in a compact size and budget.

The Garmin Approach X40 is the golf watch with the nearest similar feature set as the Garmin G30. But if you don’t want to peer and stab at a small screen, G30 wins hands down at the same price.

Our Verdict

The Garmin Approach G30 golf GPS offers a unique set of features within a reasonable budget. The sizing decision has polarized the audience since some golfers love the portability and the others want a larger touchscreen.

It has Garmin’s most popular features within a sturdy waterproof body. You also get connectivity to your smartphone and access to your golf statistics.

A golfer with a moderate budget who uses all the features to his/her advantage should check out this product.

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