Garmin Approach G6 Golf GPS Reviews

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Garmin Approach G6 golf GPS course is the best full-fledged tournament legal handheld device. Its compact construction makes it much more portable than a laser rangefinder. Here is our review of the factors pros and cons of Garmin Approach G6.

What’s new about the Garmin Approach G6 Golf GPS Course?

Garmin Approach G6 looks like a little more evolved smartphone than the G5. It has some glossy surfaces thrown in with the 2-ounce reduction in weight from G5. Its screen measures 2.6 inches across.

On the whole, it is 0.8 inches thick and weighs 3.4 ounces. A golf GPS watch weighs 2 ounces on average. Compared to that, G6 is practically skinny and underweight.

Course detail and mapping

Course detail and mapping:

More than 25,000 courses come preloaded on Garmin Approach G6. You need to install their course-updating software that detects your device and downloads the latest course maps.

Course detailing has been painstakingly handled by Garmin. When you turn, the view on the screen will turn with you. You can zoom in to look at a specific point. Garmin technology decides when to display particular distances.

Distance Information:

Distance to the center of the green is displayed on the top right corner. You might face some trouble while moving the flag around because it hides under your finger. Garmin Approach G7 remedies this problem by displaying the flag over your finger when you move it.

Custom course details:

You can add your own target points on the course map on Garmin Approach G6. You can see them in the Hole View when they are in and around the hole.

Statistics Tracking:

As a more basic version of the G8’s functionality, Garmin G6 has statistics tracking ability too. It can store the scores for up to 4 golfers.

Garmin G6 vs. Garmin G7?

The Garmin G6 is the most advanced yet certainly USGA-compliant handheld in Garmin line-up right now. Both Garmin G7 and G8 bring in slope-adjusted distances which might not go down well with tournament authorities.

G7 also added club recommendation, another forbidden feature. You get smartphone notifications on G7 along with Big Number mode for viewing yardages in the larger font.

While all these features of G7 excite the tech geeks and make your gameplay easier, Garmin G6 remains the unequivocally legal Garmin golf GPS for tournaments where Local Rule applies.

So choosing between the two is a question of whether you will use them for competitions or not and your budget.

Garmin G6 Golf GPS Course Manual

How to use Garmin Approach G6?

Garmin golf GPS devices are generally easy to set up. Garmin Approach G6 is no different. You have to install the CourseView Updater software from Garmin’s website. It takes less than a minute. There’s no registration process.

Once you plug in the device using the accompanying USB cable, Garmin will prompt you to update the courses, if necessary. It is a simple process that won’t fail even for a novice techie.

Once you reach the golf course, it will give you a list of the closest courses in order of distance. You can select the correct golf course from here and head for your game.

The response of the touchscreen decides how your golf GPS device utilizes the player’s time. Thankfully, Garmin Approach G6 has a sensitive screen that responds fast to your touch.

Except for moving around the flagstick, every other screen movement is smooth. You can lock the screen when it is not in use.

You will be playing with the Hole View and Green View on the screen. The Hole View shows a virtual display of the hole and when it applies, it shows the layup arcs.

Green View shows the greens and hazards. You can place the flagstick at any point on it and the Hole View will change accordingly.


Garmin G6 maintains the accuracy level we usually get from their devices. It tells the yardages with 3-4 yards uncertainty. This performance also depends on map accuracy. If the Garmin database has an old map, that has not been corrected yet, the distances will be off.

Auto Hole Advance:

Garmin Approach G6 automatically advances to the next hole when you approach the next tee box. However, you have the option to switch this off and do it manually.

Screen Brightness:

The screen of Garmin Approach G6 is usually bright enough to be visible on sunny days. You can change the brightness to suit your needs.

Shot Measurement:

You have the option to measure your shot distances on G6.

Club Averages:

Garmin Approach G6 lets you enter your shot distances with each club. This will help you estimate how far you can hit the ball with each club. This information comes in handy whenever you are trying to decide which club to use.


Garmin G6 is waterproof. So even if you get caught in a sudden shower, your golf GPS device will be alright. But make sure that the exposure to water is limited.

Our Verdict

Garmin Approach G6 brings you the maximum features without forfeiting tournament legality. The features give you all the distances readily at your fingertips. It is easy to initiate and use on a regular basis. It is a highly portable device. Little details like being able to discard Auto Hole Advance, save a lot of your time.

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