Garmin Approach S60 Golf GPS Watch Reviews

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Today, we share about our Garmin s60 reviews.

Garmin has the monopoly on golf wearables and their latest toy, the Garmin Approach S60 golf GPS watch is ripe for testing. So I took a run at this golf GPS watch to see how it holds against its price. I put its multi-talented fitness-tracking spec to the test throughout my day.

Reviews of Garmin Approach S60 Golf GPS Watches

Activity Tracking

Slope-adjusted distances:

Going by the term ‘Playslike Distance’, this feature accounts for the elevation when playing an uphill or downhill shot. So I don’t have to adjust the actual distance for the elevation changes.


This is another great feature that mostly laser rangefinders boast of. PinPointer points you in the direction of the green when you in the blind.

I could swing in the right direction even from dense woods and deep sand traps.

Training Aid:

The Garmin Approach S60 golf GPS watch can also double as a valuable coach. It has the Swing-Tempo training aid which helped me tame my tempo to the golden 3:1 ratio between backswing and downswing.

It even allowed me to set my own tempo ratio and ensure all shots were played according to that speed.

Combinate TruSwing Sensor

If you own the TruSwing sensor, you can pair it with the S60 to measure your swing statistics. Once the TruSwing device is mounted on your club and your swing, the swing metrics appear on the S60 automatically.

I’ve been watching some tech-savvy students make use of the metrics and scale their progress over time.

AutoShot Feature:

The Garmin S60 can automatically detect shots and start measuring shot distance. I use the shot distances averages to select the right golf clubs.

I found it profoundly useful that I didn’t have to manually kickstart the measurement.


The greatest advantage of Garmin Approach S60 is how it gives instant access to the statistics of your gameplay. Once I finished playing a hole, I could access the shot-by-shot information for that hole with just three button presses.

I could also view the score and other statistics during any point of the round.

Round summary collates all the raw data collected from my game into statistics that help me play better next time


You get to choose the scoring method you want to use in the Garmin S60 golf GPS watch. You can select the popular Stableford method for scoring. Or you can enable the Handicap scoring based on the Local Handicap and Handicap index.

The scoring function takes multiple buttons strokes. But I like having at least the basic scoring function.

Connection Features:

The S60 can connect to your smartphone via Bluetooth and show notifications received. It automatically shares information with the Garmin Connect account.

Find my Phone and Find my watch feature

It has to Find my Phone and Find my watch feature. These were life-savers for me as I am prone to leaving my devices around the house. This way, if they are in a range they will detect each other.

I am yet to properly explore the Connect IQ, but Garmin claims that it extends the device features with new widgets, apps, etc.

Activity Tracking:

The Garmin S60 golf GPS watch comes pre-loaded with apps to track outdoor activities like running, biking, and swimming, each with its own custom module.

You can also use it for training indoor without GPS. For example, it measured my speed, distance, and cadence while running.

The S60 automatically creates a goal number of steps you must take based on previous recordings. It has the Move Alert which bugs me to move around if I’ve been stationary for too long.

It also gives me sleep statistics if I wear it to the sack. It’s freaky but very helpful for someone with Sleep Apnea or such issues.


Apart from the distance to the center, front, and back of the greens, we get distances to hazards, layups, and doglegs.


The Garmin Approach S60 has a touchscreen 1.2” dial. I found the S6’s screen impressive. This one simply blew my mind with its ultra-clear color display with 240 x 240-pixel resolution against S6’s 180 x180.

The display is easily readable, come hail or rain.


In the Hole View, the Garmin Approach S60 automatically updated the holes for me as I finished one hole.

I can also drag the hole indicator to change the hole in case the automated function is stuck. It has the Green View which allows me to move the Pinto a location of my choice.

All the distances are updated accordingly.


The battery of Garmin Approach S60 lasts through 10 hours in the Golfing mode or 10 days in watch mode. Since it’s a golf watch and fitness tracker, I expected a little more battery life. What if I don’t get time to charge it between activities?

Course Detail

Garmin Approach S60 golf app boasts of covering 40,000 golf courses worldwide. It is the largest database we have seen lately.

There’s no subscription fee for updating the database either. I just downloaded the Garmin Express app for updating the local course which had changed slightly in hole arrangement.

Setup/ Syncing

The Setup was a breeze. I charged it off the AC adapter and was good to go.

If I were a more cautious user, I would download the Garmin Express app for the PC and the Garmin Connect app for my cell phone. I ran a course update to make sure the courses were all the latest before heading out. These apps also help with software updates and a short device registration process.

I know some users who have had trouble syncing with the Garmin App repeatedly. So I wouldn’t rate the S60 as perfect just yet. The software needs tweaking to work well in all the pieces.

Hopefully, the Quality Management team at Garmin will sort out this issue. S60 is an expensive watch. Nobody wants to be mired in connection issues especially with Garmin Connect which records and shows the Statistics.

Ease of Use

As I feared, the Garmin Approach S60 golf GPS watch has too many functions to peruse. And this could be distracting. Most of the options are based on the control menu.

I can add, remove, or reorder the widgets without any issues. This gives me the freedom to arrange the control menu for my preference.


The Garmin S60 has improved over the previous golf GPS watches in terms of accuracy. Dusting off my trusty old rangefinder I found the distances from both within 2 yards of each other.

The feature of moving the Flag around also adds to the accuracy of the device.

Our Verdict

I was on the lookout for some golf GPS watches that returns the high value for money. The Garmin S60 is perfectly positioned at its current price to do so. It’s a cutting-edge creation with a lot of customizable features for the technologically-forward golfer. So, what do you think about our Garmin s60 reviews