Golf Buddy PT4 GPS/ Rangefinder Reviews

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The Golf Buddy PT4 GPS rangefinder is hit-and-miss. If you can make your peace with certain operational issues, you might enjoy the ultra-large screen of this unit and all the great features that are similar to Garmin G6. Although this is not one of our best handheld golf GPS rangefinders, it’s definitely worth a look.

Golf Buddy PT4 Reviews


The PT4 reminds us of an iPhone 5S and indeed when we put one next to it, they looked almost similar. It packs its huge screen in a 5” body. At 0.59 inch thickness and 2.7 inches width, it’s as handy as a modern smartphone. It weighs only 5.4 ounces so you carry it around on your cart or pocket. The body is water-resistant but not completely waterproof so we wouldn’t dunk it in water.

GolfBuddy GB3-PT4 Golf GPS/Rangefinder


This Golf Buddy golf GPS handheld has a 4” screen. By contrast, one of our best golf GPS, Garmin G8 has only a 3” screen. Everything looks slightly clearer and more discernible on the larger screen. Golfers with sausage fingers like us also find it easier to pinpoint the screen. It has a color TFT LCD screen which is bright enough for normal lighting. But it can get a little difficult to read in very bright sunlight. There are many zooming options that make it more convenient to read than the Garmin G6.


The PT4 responds to commands via a capacitive touchscreen. It is faster than the previous version, GolfBuddy Platinum. But it’s still not as responsive as smartphones. So we recommend some patience while operating it. The screen freeze is a complaint we hear occasionally from PT4 users. There’s a power button on the left edge which also functions as a Screen Lock.


This golf GPS comes with a USB cable and a wall adapter for charging. A cradle is also included which can be used to hoist it on the cart. Or you can use it to cover the screen of the unit when it’s not in use. The manual runs 46 pages long so you have everything spelled out for you. Since the functions are marginally more complicated than the Garmin devices, we took the manual to the course.


The main screen of the Golf Buddy PT4 golf GPS rangefinder shows a complete representation of the hole with the distance to the center of the greens prominently displayed on the top right corner. It also shows some layup arcs along with options to zoom into the view.


We clicked the Target tab at the bottom of the main screen and it pulled up front and back distances to the bunkers. You can decide easily whether you want to layup or carry the ball with your swing and selected club.

Touch Targeting:

You can find the distances to any point on the hole by touching and creating a target there. You can zoom in to a spot and place the target there to get distances. When the target is placed, it shows you your distance to it and the distance from it to the hole. If you want to remove the market, you have to wait for 5s for it to turn blue and then tap the screen. It’s not a clean process but we are glad it exists.

Green View:

Green View

The PT4 golf rangefinder offers a vivid Green View. It dynamically changes the front and back yardages based on your angle of approach to the green. There’s a Grid View for the greens as well which lays a grid over the greens for visualization and shows the distances in a larger font.

Pin positioning:

Much like touch targeting, you can move the Flag around in the Green View. This will automatically change the center, front and back yardages. We found this feature very helpful on greens with unusual designs that we couldn’t visualize from a distance.


The GolfBuddy PT4 golf GPS allows scoring for up to 4 players. You can access the Scoring function right from the main screen. Although it does ask you to select which nine holes you are playing. It stores the scores and also helps you track your progress over a period of time when connected to a computer. You can transfer the score to your PC via a USB connection.

Statistics Tracking:

You can record and track stats for one person on the PT4 golf GPS. Here you can input Putts, Greens In Regulation, Fairway Hits and Misses and sand saves. While we love having the statistics part, we were again annoyed by the length of access sequences.


The battery lasts for 2 rounds of golf or a little over 8 hours. It takes 3 hours to charge it to full Meanwhile Garmin G8 can chug out at least 3 rounds. An unexpected perk is that PT4’s battery is replaceable.

Course Coverage:

This GolfBuddy GPS handheld comes preloaded with over 37,000 courses worldwide. There’s no subscription fee for updating the course database or using it. You can select your course from the list using a Search Box instead of scrolling through the whole thing.


The PT4 is a multilingual device with the menu in 8 different languages.

Updated: The GolfBuddy PT4 has been discontinued by the brand offers up a replacement Golfbuddy handheld VTX GPS


The Golf Buddy PT4 golf GPS rangefinder is a mixed bag of pros and cons. On the one hand, they have some excellent features. But the operation itself is not completely glitch-free. The large screen and smooth zooming made us look at it twice. The scoring function and fast touch response also redeemed it. If you are looking for a break from Garmin and need a tournament-legal highly viewable touchscreen, this could be the right pick for you.

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