How To Organize Your Golf Bag

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This guide on how to organize your golf bags teaches you exactly how to do that.

Golf Bags, not UV Rays, not the stress of playing, not even the competition, the weight of golf bags is most likely to harm your health. Until you get a caddie, the golf bag looks like a heavyweight on your shoulders. Organizing your golf bag is the key to reducing weight. You throw out the junk, you keep the essentials, and you always have the urgent supplies handy.

How To Organize Your Golf Bag?

Here’s how a pack-rat can turn into a golf-bag whiz and reduce the stress on your back preemptively:

1. Empty the golf bag:

If you have been carrying the golf bag around a long time without once ever emptying it, be ready for some grossness. Forgotten wrappers with spit pieces of chewing gum, discarded tissues, muddy golf balls, such maybe the treasures you plucked from the bag.

Make sure to unzip all pockets and remove every last scrap of paper or item. Empty the golf club dividers too, the insides of which could be carrying half the mud of the local golf course.​

2. Segregate:

Pile up the items according to categories. Throw away the scorecards from last year, the empty suntan lotion tube, the damaged balls, the broken tees. Whatever doesn’t serve you well should be discarded.

Do check the golf balls for the possibility of reuse. We have explained how to clean golf balls here.

3. Clean the bag:

Clean the insides of the bag. Remove any dirt that might be stuck on the inner walls of the divider from the golf clubs. Clean the apparel pockets and the umbrella holder. Clean the base and check the end-caps of the stand, if any.

You can give the bag a thorough wipe-down on the outside with a damp cloth or cotton dipped in with rubbing alcohol.

4. Stock the golf clubs:

Since these are the main fare of your golf bag, arrange the clubs first after you have cleaned the bag. Identify the front side of the bag. Based on the type of bag stock the golf clubs:

Stand/Carry bag:

  • For a carry/stand golf bag, the front is away from the strap and the back is closest to the strap.
  • In the front slots, arrange the short irons (8-, 9-iron) and the wedges (Pitching wedge, Sand Wedge).
  • In the middle dividers place the mid and long irons (3-6 irons).
  • At the top of the bag, slide in the woods and hybrids. Arrange the woods from the driver to the shortest.
  • Putter might have a separate divider called the putter well. If not, stock them with the woods and hybrids. The irons can harm it.

Cart Bag:

If the bag is strapped to a golf cart, it faces the other way. The front becomes the back.

  • Stock the golf clubs in the reverse order.
  • The idea is to have the taller clubs like woods and driver at the back.
  • The shorter irons should be in the front.
  • This arrangement creates a waterfall of golf clubs. The tall clubs should not block the shorter ones.

5. Important items:

The front and the side pockets at the top should be dedicated to essential items like golf balls, tees, divot repair tools. You shouldn’t have to bend and jostle with zippers every time you need a golf ball.

You will just slow people down behind you.

6. Other pockets:

  • Keep the rainfly neatly folded or rolled in its compartment.
  • An umbrella holder with a drain hole will be provided for keeping the wet umbrella.
  • Slip in pens and empty scorecards to designated slots.
  • Place the rangefinder in its pocket or hang it off its ring.
  • Replace dirty or damp towels with fresh ones.
  • You will need only one towel on the course so choose wisely.

How to fold a towel neatly at home and for the golf bag? Learn below:


Organizing the golf bag will reduce its weight by half. Even if you are carrying the same amount of stuff, after organizing properly, the golf bag seems lighter. This is because each portion of the bag has been carefully designed to hold a certain item in a proper position.

By organizing, we help the bag in managing the weight as intended.

Reviewing how to organize a golf bag:

  1. Cascade the golf clubs from longest in the back to shortest in the front
  2. Remove all unnecessary items from the bag
  3. Use the checklist of golf course essentials to re-stock the bag
  4. Arrange items neatly rather than haphazardly

There is no clear-cut way to keep your clubs organized, but it offers a myriad of benefits. With our tutorial, you will understand how to organize your golf bag just like the pros.



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