How to Put Backspin on a Golf Ball

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The below 4 steps formula will guide you through how to put backspin on a golf ball. This is a dicey maneuver that enables the ball to move backward after hitting the ground.

Of course, that’s why we created this tutorial.

It does not just teach you this wicked trick, it also tells you when to put backspin on a golf ball. Using the backspin concept judiciously is important, otherwise, it could be counter-productive.

How to Put Backspin on a Golf Ball?

The backspin comes in handy when the pin is right behind a sand trap or the pin is near the front boundary of the greens. This way, if the golf ball overshoots the pin, it can scramble back to its destination all by itself.

The key to putting backspin on a golf ball is striking it at a downward angle. Your swing mechanics and the environment of the golf course should be well-suited to that.


  • For driving straight you usually hold an open stance. But for putting a spin on a golf ball, your feet should be closer than usual.
  • To assess your stance, place your feet parallel and check if you are able to stand straight.
  • Whatever distance between your feet straightens your body, that stance is correct.
  • This allows the club to hit the ball at a downward angle.

Ball position:

To put a backspin on a golf ball, the ball should be hit before the club hits the ground.

So you should place the ball deep in your stance. It should be approximately an inch towards your back foot from the center.

This allows the ball to be hit before the lowest point of the downswing. Usually, when the ball is placed at the center of the stance, it is hit at the lowest point of the downswing.

The lie of the course:

  • Another consideration for putting backspin on a golf ball is the lie. You need to be taking the shot from evenly mow fairways.
  • The backspin requires a clean contact between the ball and the club.
  • If you hit from the rough, grass is bound to get between the ball and the club. This will take the friction off the strike.

How to put backspin on a golf ball with a wedge

For getting backspin on the ball, it needs to travel some distance upwards. This is only possible if you are taking a long shot. It’s difficult to get backspin on shorter shots.

It might be possible with practice though. But start off with the long shots and gradually move to the shorter ones

How to put backspin on a chip shot

The aim is to hit the ball downwards with a strike on the lower face of the ball. Impact at this point will propel the ball forward at an upward angle and introduce backspin.

The wedges are the best clubs to get loft. Backspin requires a more upright swing plane, which is why we ask you to stand straighter.

You should take a higher upswing.

During the downswing, the arms and hands should swing in front of the body. Never slow down the club before impact if you are trying to bring backspin on a ball. The wrist movement should be minimal.

You know you have got the shot right if you take a shallow divot. A deep divot will indicate that the downward angle on the ball was too steep..


The follow-through is important to how the ball flies. The wrist movement should be especially restricted here. The wrists should remain straight.

Do not let the divot deter you. Keep the hands going straight.


Although backspin is a relatively less-used weapon in a golfer’s arsenal, it could be what clinches you the trophy. Getting a backspin on a golf ball is the matter of adjusting your swing. You also need to have nature by your side at the golf course. The condition of grass on the swing spot makes a difference too. Altogether, it might look like the scope of backspin in limited in a round of golf. But in the right situation, it could fill the chasm between you and your title.

So we completed our guideline on how to put backspin on a golf ball.


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