How to Use a Bushnell Golf Rangefinder

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Using a Bushnell golf rangefinder to take readings is fast and simple. Improve your accuracy and gain the confidence that comes from knowing exactly where you are on the green. A Bushnell Golf Rangefinder is an invaluable tool for golfers of all skill levels who want to get precise yardage readings while out on the course. With its many features, including JOLT Technology, a laser range, PinSeeker Mode capabilities, slope technology, multiple distances displayed in yards or meters, adjustable eyepiece focus points and maximum distance indicators – this premium quality golf rangefinder provides extensive performance features that will accurately help you measure distances safely and easily.

Read on if you’re interested in discovering how to use a Bushnell Golf Rangefinder!

How to setup and preparation

1. Unboxing and inspecting the rangefinder

Familiarize yourself with the device by unboxing it and carefully inspecting all of its components for any signs of damage or missing parts.

2. Charging or installing batteries

Most Bushnell golf rangefinders run on rechargeable lithium-ion battery, so make sure these are fully charged before use. If you purchased a model that uses AA batteries, install them before getting started.

3. Familiarizing with the controls and display

Understanding how your Bushnell golf rangefinder works is key to making sure that you’re using it correctly. Familiarize yourself with all of the available buttons, displays, and features on your device so that you can make the most of it during play.

How to use a Bushnell golf rangefinder

1. Turn on your rangefinder

Make sure that your device is powered up and ready to be used before you head out onto the course. If you’re using a rechargeable battery, switch it on by pressing and holding the power button for a few seconds. For models with AA batteries, turn it on by flipping the switch.

2. Select your mode of measurement

Depending on your device, you’ll be able to choose between two modes: PinSeeker and JOLT Technology. PinSeeker Mode allows you to more accurately measure distances to a single object while JOLT Technology provides greater accuracy for measuring multiple objects in quick succession. Choose the one that best fits your needs.

For rangefinders that have a slope mode, you can switch between standard and slope mode to compensate for elevation in your distance measurements. This is especially useful for golfers who want to make sure they are accurately accounting for the gradient of the terrain when taking readings.

3. Activate laser

Press the power button once to activate your device’s laser. It should create a red dot on the object you’re aiming at while your device calculates the yardage.

4. Measure distance

Keep the crosshairs centered over the object and let your device read out the exact distance to it in yards or meters (depending on your settings). The displayed number should reflect the total round-trip distance from where you are standing to that specific object.

5. Aim and activate

Point the rangefinder in the direction of the target, press the button or trigger on the handle to activate it, and wait for a reading to be displayed. Keep steady while taking readings as even slight movements can affect accuracy.

6. Read and record

When you have a distance reading, pay attention to the display and take note of it. Most Bushnell golf rangefinders show multiple distances in either yards or meters, so make sure you’re recording the correct one. Additionally, many models feature a “maximum distance indicator” that displays your farthest reading for improved accuracy during play.

7. Repeat as needed

Take readings as often as you need throughout your game for more accurate estimations of distances and improved performance on the course.

8. Turn off rangefinder

When you’re done taking readings, make sure to turn off your Bushnell golf rangefinder by pressing and holding the power button for a few seconds (or flipping the switch if using AA batteries). This will save battery life and prevent any accidental readings from occurring while in transit.

Tips for Using Bushnell Golf Rangefinder

  1. Proper hand placement and stability while using the rangefinder – Holding a rangefinder steady is key to ensuring accuracy, so make sure that you have a secure grip on your device when taking readings.
  2. Calibrating the rangefinder for optimal accuracy – Most Bushnell golf rangefinders come pre-calibrated from the factory, but you should still check the calibration prior to each round for best results.
  3. Adjusting settings for varying weather conditions – Make sure you’re using the correct settings for your current environment and conditions, such as whether it’s windy or raining. This will help improve accuracy and provide more accurate readings.
  4. Maintaining and cleaning the rangefinder for optimal performance – Keeping your rangefinder clean and free from dust and dirt will ensure that it continues to deliver accurate readings. Additionally, be sure to regularly inspect the device for any signs of damage or wear-and-tear that might affect accuracy.


How do I know if my Bushnell Golf Rangefinder is accurately calibrated?

You can check the accuracy of your device by taking a few readings and then comparing them with known distances. If there is a significant difference, you’ll need to recalibrate your rangefinder before use.

What type of batteries do I need for my Bushnell Golf Rangefinder?

Depending on the model you purchased, your rangefinder may use either a rechargeable lithium-ion battery or AA batteries. Be sure to check the product specifications and make sure you have the correct type of power source for your device.

How often should I clean my Bushnell Golf Rangefinder?

To ensure optimal performance, we recommend cleaning your rangefinder at least once a month. Make sure to use a soft, lint-free cloth and do not use any harsh chemicals or solvents as these may damage the device.

Can I adjust the settings on my Bushnell Golf Rangefinder for different weather conditions?

Yes, some models of Bushnell golf rangefinders allow you to adjust the settings according to varying weather conditions, such as wind speed or temperature. Consult your product manual for more information.


Using a Bushnell golf rangefinder is an excellent way to improve accuracy and performance on the course. With these simple steps, you can use your Bushnell golf rangefinder effectively and confidently out on the course.

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