Is Golf Really A Sport?

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Is Golf really a sport?

Golf is a very classy pastime for many players. But it is also a highly costly game too. The United States alone has more than 26 million players and more than a third of its population declares themselves as fans of golf. But still, whether golf is a sport or not is a matter of debate even today.

We have analyzed the many arguments supporting and opposing the viewpoint that golf is a game and have finally come to the conclusion that golf is indeed a sport. And a great sport at that. Listed below are our reasons supporting the argument that golf is indeed a sport.


  1. Golf meets the requirements of the definition of sport as given in the dictionary. It requires physical work and also coordination of limbs.
  2. Sports goods manufacturing companies have recognized golf as a sport and have pushed a myriad of golf products into the market.
  3. Golf sports equipment manufacturing is a multi-billion-dollar business, and top brands offer their endorsement contracts to top players of the game.
  4. Though golf was removed from the Olympic games after 1904, now as sport golf has been included in the 2016 Summer Olympic Games. After a gap of 112 years, this is a highly welcome move for golfers who took up the sport professionally. And more attention will be garnered on golf after the 2016 Olympics.
  5. In 2009, Tiger Woods became the first-ever sports person to earn more than a billion dollars in career earnings. Many other golfers are also earning high amounts comparable to other professional sports too. These players are also endorsing top golf equipment brands like Ping,
  6. Callaway, and many others. This also earns a lot of money for golfers.
  7. Golf is competitive in nature and yet played for the pleasure of the game. This sport requires high physical muscle strength of arms as well as the concentration of mind.
  8. The swing in golf uses about 17 muscle groups in the body including muscles in the arms, legs, and abdomen.
  9. To play the game of golf, one should be physically fit because of the sheer length of the walks over the golf course. This qualifies golf as a sport too.
  10. Physical training is very important for golf like any other sport. Golf demands fitness for golfers because their arms and legs coordination is highly needed and their core muscle strength must be high.
  11. Also, because of the high physical work needed in this game of golf, many athletes have taken a break after injuries. This is very common in other sports that need physical exertion too. Professionally seasoned players in other sports have taken breaks from their careers because of injuries on the field. Some players have even ended their careers because of this reason.
  12. Golf has strict rules against drug use like any other sport. The games take it seriously and drug-tests have been put in place to keep a check on drug use. In 2009, an American golfer was suspended by the PGA Tour as he was tested positive for a performance-enhancing drug. That was the first time that any golfer was suspended for drugs.
  13. Golf is identified as an independent sport similar to swimming, gymnastics, speed skating, and such other sports of which there are about 74 sports in total.
  14. Also, golf maintains rankings for its players. The rankings are done for men’s tours, women tours, and mix games too. These rankings also keep getting updated with every season’s end.
  15. Golf has attracted a good fan base all over the world and has great coverage by the media and viewed by millions of people on television. Even the TV Guides list golf programs among other programs.
  16. At a basic level, Golf comes under the control of the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) and what’s more, many schools offer Golf Athletic Scholarships for both men and women.
  17. Golf requires physical energy too. The golf round of 9-holes burns 721 calories when no cart or caddie is used and the clubs are carried by the golfer. If a caddie carries the clubs around, but still the golfers walk around the golf course without using a cart, 613 calories are burnt by the golfer’s body on an average. The calorie count is comparable to the calories burnt in other sports such as swimming.

As seen with the supporting pointers above, golf is recognized as definitely a sport, and a very elegant game. Like most of the other sports, one can excel at golf only through constant practice and dedication. We hope that you have a great time with golf if you choose to take it up as a professional sport.


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