Garmin Approach s60 Golf GPS Watch Reviews

Garmin Approach S60 Golf GPS Watch Reviews

Garmin has the monopoly on golf wearables and their latest toy, the Garmin Approach S60 is ripe for testing. So I took a run at this golf GPS watch to see how it holds against its price. I put its multi-talented fitness-tracking spec to the test throughout my day. And I am finally ready to compare it to one of my favorites, Garmin S6.

How to clean your golf shoes

How To Clean Golf Shoes? 4 Simple Steps

Through the mandatory water and sand hazards, wet grass, long rough, muddy walkways and swinging mishaps, you will end up with dirty shoes. Here, we discuss safe ways to clean the golf shoes without damaging them. We also explain how to dry them and store.

Best Spikeless Golf Shoes 2018: Top Rated For Walking and Buying Guide

While there are many takers for the spiked golf shoes, spikeless shoes’ technology has caught up in terms of traction. Their versatility makes them even more desirable. Which is why we have reviewed the top 5 spikeless golf shoe here. The buying guide will show you their advantages over spiked shoes so that you can decide between the two.

Garmin Approach x40 Golf GPS Watch Reviews

Garmin Approach X40 GPS GOLF BAND Reviews

What is so good about a GPS system? Well, that would be telling and you’ll have to read further to find out the absolute benefits, but these systems – such as the Garmin Approach X40 GPS Golf Band Reviews we’re looking at today – take away all amount of doubt and guesswork from your game, something that can only be a positive.