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The Garmin Approach S12 GPS Golf Watch comes packed with over 42,000 preloaded golf courses from around the globe. It boasts an impressive battery life of 30 hours, ensuring you’re well-equipped for multiple rounds. The screen size measures 2.3cm, providing enough space for a clear data display. With a lightweight design of just 34g, this handy device doesn’t interfere with your swing. Furthermore, it comes with three straps, giving you plenty of customization options.



The Garmin Approach S12 is an entry-level GPS watch that offers ease of use and accurate distance information throughout your round. The display is clear and automatically updates as you play.

Upon arriving at Essendon GC, we had no trouble locating the course and setting up the watch. Within minutes, we were able to obtain accurate yardage. Although the S12 has a black-and-white screen and a slightly smaller size compared to more expensive Garmin options, its golfing functionality remained effective.

We appreciated the readily available front, middle, and back yardages, which were sufficient for our needs. Additionally, the watch provided yardage to layup areas and hazards, which we found very useful. For even more precise measurements, you can manually adjust the pin position when approaching the greens. These features contributed to our decision to include the S12 in our comprehensive guide to the best golf watches.

However, it’s worth noting that the S12 lacks touchscreen functionality, unlike more expensive models like the S70 and S62. Instead, you need to navigate through the yardage information using the side buttons, which can be a bit fiddly and take some time to get accustomed to.

One standout feature of this watch is its lightweight and sleek strap, allowing you to swing the club without any interference. It’s barely noticeable when worn.

For those with visual difficulties, the Garmin Approach S12 offers a ‘Big Numbers’ mode that increases the size of key information for easy viewing. Overall, this GPS watch is excellent, albeit quite basic. It is user-friendly, and the yardages it provides are accurate and reliable. Considering its affordable price point, it is undoubtedly one of the best value golf watches currently available on the market.


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    4 out of 5

    Dominic J. Leon

    The Garmin Approach S12 is a reliable and easy-to-use GPS watch, perfect for those who want accurate distance information without any frills.

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