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The Garmin Approach S62 GPS Watch is the epitome of style and functionality in the realm of golf watches. It comes pre-loaded with over 41,000 courses worldwide, ensuring you’re well-equipped, no matter where you choose to play. With a powerful battery that lasts up to 20 hours, this watch promises to stick by your side throughout your golf adventures. The Approach S62 sports a 3.3cm screen and weighs a comfortable 61g, ensuring that it does not interfere with your game. Moreover, it comes with two straps for a customized fit.

Special Features:

  • The product weight is 1.80 ounces
  • The screen size is 1.2 inches
  • The product dimension is 1.81 x 0.57 x 1.81 inches
  • The color options are Black/ White
  • Preloaded golf course is 41,000+
  • The battery life is 15 hours in GPS mode / 14 days in Watch mode
  • It offer virtual caddie, full-color mapping, and many multisport tracker


The Garmin Approach S62 is touted as the ultimate golf GPS watch, comparable to the Garmin Approach S70. It offers a plethora of exciting features at a more affordable price point.


After testing it over multiple rounds, we found it to be an enjoyable and seamless experience. Setting up the watch is easy and intuitive, and the touch screen, along with the side buttons, allows for effortless navigation through various options. The color touchscreen display is a whopping 17 percent larger than the previous Approach S60, making it easier to view hole details on the color maps.

Swiping around the edge of the screen allows for quick hole-switching, and you can access distances to hazards, as well as the front, middle, and back yardages.

The watch also provides the option to account for elevation changes and manually adjust the pin position for more accurate distances, a feature offered by many top golf watches.

Hole Map

The S62, being a higher-end model, includes some advanced features not found in the S42, such as the Virtual Caddie and PlaysLike Distance. However, both devices do share core functionalities such as preloaded courses, club tracking, and smart notifications. Considering the price difference, the S42 stands out as an excellent value for the money, especially for golfers who may not require the high-end features of the S62. Be sure to read the best golf watch for ladies for a detailed rundown of top-rated watches tailored for the savvy lady golfer.

Although the hole maps appear basic, they provide clear visibility of upcoming challenges and allow easy adjustments to areas of interest. The watch’s shot tracking function enables users to record the club used after each shot, leading to personalized club recommendations through the Virtual Caddie feature after just five rounds. This feature, although not suitable for tournament play, offers valuable insights based on accurate data and even factors in real-time wind conditions when suggesting a club, a functionality not commonly found in other golf watches.

Pin pointer

The Pin Pointer feature comes in handy for blind shots or when the green is not visible, providing accurate GPS distances that are comparable with other leading GPS devices tested. The Garmin Golf app’s hole maps occasionally lacked updated course changes, but the watch itself reflected these updates accurately.

Sync with Phone

Garmin Approach S62’s sleek design makes it suitable for both on and off the golf course, doubling as a sports watch with a range of fitness tracking options. It can also receive email and text notifications when paired with a phone. Moreover, the watch boasts a color touchscreen interface with a large 1.3″ display, ceramic bezel, and quick-release bands for easy style or color changes. It offers up to 20 hours of battery life in GPS mode and up to 14 days in smartwatch mode.

Preload Course

The Approach S62 comes preloaded with more than 41,000 courses worldwide and can track everyday activities, Pulse Ox, and wrist-based heart rate, offering built-in multisport profiles for convenience. The watch also supports cashless payment through Garmin Pay. With features like Virtual Caddie, Green View and wind speed direction display, the Garmin Approach S62 elevates the golfing experience, making it one of the best golf watches currently available. For those seeking more affordable options, a guide for the best value golf watches is also provided.


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    4 out of 5

    Dominic J. Leon

    The Garmin Approach S62 is a great all-around smartwatch with its sleek design and versatile features. However, the course maps could be improved.

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