The SkyCaddie SX550 GPS is an excellent choice for golfers. It offers extensive course data, a large full HD color touchscreen, and a user-friendly interface. With over 35,000 ground-verified courses and a dynamic green view, it provides accurate and detailed information. Although it has an oversized design and requires annual membership costs, it is considered one of the best golf GPS devices available.



Designed to be your digital caddy on the golf course, the SkyCaddie SX550 leaves no stone unturned. With its professional-grade satellite equipment, SkyCaddie provides unparalleled detail, mapping out every hole on every one of the 35,000 preloaded courses. This includes accurate yardages, precise outlines of greens and fairways, and distances to hazards.

We attempted to navigate without physically touching the screen, and aside from occasional use to readjust the pin on the green, we discovered that the SX550 was smart enough to automatically switch views as we neared the green and whenever we moved to the next tee box.

The SX550’s 5.5″ full HD color touchscreen provides a clear and responsive display, bringing these meticulously detailed maps to life. This device offers a seamless experience, automatically switching holes and views as you navigate the course. For your convenience, it also comes with the option of a carry case or trolley mount.

After testing the SX550 on various golf courses across the UK, we were truly amazed by its precise yardages and detailed outlines of greens and fairways. It performed exceptionally well, particularly on our home course, where we are familiar with every nook and cranny.

What’s more, the SX550 comes with a year’s free ‘Birdie’ membership, ensuring that you are up-to-date with recent course changes. After this initial period, a modest annual fee of £29.95 will keep you ahead of the game. Experience the accuracy and convenience of the SkyCaddie SX550 for yourself, and revolutionize your time on the golf course!


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